• A watercolor print depicting an eagle's majesty, illuminating its detailed feathers and watchful eye in earthy brown and black tones. A symbol of courage, intuition, and resilience.
  • Sage Guardian

Sage Guardian

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18 x 22

Step into a world of wisdom with "Sage Guardian," a watercolor print embodying the grandeur of an eagle. Bathed in earthy brown and black, the abstract portrayal illuminates the eagle's majestic stance, while highlighting each feather in detailed strokes. The soft lighting on the vigilant eye of the guardian hints at a watchful nature, inviting admiration and introspection. This print doesn't just depict an eagle, it brings forth an ageless symbol of courage, intuition, and resilience.

Embrace the grandeur of the "Sage Guardian" and let its wisdom inspire your space, reminding you of your inherent strength.