Abstract art collection featuring a splattered cat with tipped ear

Delightful, Playful, and Irreverent

Enhance Your Living Space with Unique, Captivating, and Personal Art Pieces

Through The Window
Velocity in Motion
Winding Ascent
Art from the Heart of the Desert – Brian's Abstract Oasis


Art That Resonates

In a world buzzing with noise, Brian's art brings a welcome quiet. Every piece is a story that unfolds differently for each observer. A couple is connected by a shared admiration for Brian's art. They found meaning in the chaos of shapes, they saw their shared journey reflected in abstract lines, and they chose to bring a piece of Brian's desert inspiration into their home.

Embrace the mystery, the depth, and the conversation that each of Brian's artworks inspires. Let his unique abstract paintings weave their stories into the fabric of your life.

A Brush with the Wild

The desert is not just a place; it's an emotion, an essence, a wild, untamed spirit. Brian captures this spirit on his canvas, expressing his reverence for the desert and its inhabitants in his artwork.

Experience the magic of the desert and its creatures through Brian's abstract interpretations. Let the untamed beauty of Brian's artwork find a place in your home.


Discover Brian's heartwarming animal advocacy and the special meaning behind the tipped-ear cat in his artwork

Unleashing Colors, Igniting Emotions – Journey through Abstract Wilderness

Brian Findleton

Retired in the desert, Brian sought an artistic outlet one day with a Sharpie. He has barely left his pool house studio since that day. Brian and his wife are supporters of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter, and he is often inspired to draw animals. As an advocate for the Trap-Neuter-Return program, many of his cats display a tipped ear ...

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