• "Through The Window", A sophisticated blend of art deco and surrealism capturing the essence of a prickly pear cactus in dark silver and light green.
  • Through The Window

Through The Window

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18 x 22

"Through The Window" brings a touch of minimalistic sophistication to your space. A unique blend of art deco and surrealism, this artwork captures the essence of a classic /St. George’s Sword through angular planes and segmented shapes. Rendered in a rich palette of dark silver and light green, the dense strands stand out proudly, creating an impressive visual contrast. The specie’s spiky details further enhance the overall design. This piece is not merely an illustration of a plant, but an exploration of form and abstraction.

As a nod to absinthe culture, “Through The Window" introduces a surreal edge to the mix, creating a unique conversation starter. Whether you're an art deco enthusiast or a lover of nature-inspired designs, this artwork is bound to make a captivating addition to your collection.