• "Mechanically Inclined", A hypermodernist portrait of a cool cat with a blend of organic and mechanical elements.
  • Mechanically Inclined

Mechanically Inclined

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18 x 22

Step into the world of hypermodernist art with "Mechanically Inclined," an intriguing portrait of a cat fused with mechanical elements. This artwork captivates with its stylized feline figure, equipped with mod sunglasses, that infuses an air of self-assured attitude. Its geometric form, brought to life in a blend of light brown and aquamarine hues, exudes a contemporary vibe, while flathead screws at the cat's shoulders provide a unique three-dimensional texture.

This innovative combination of organic and mechanical elements echoes the spirit of hypermodernism and gives "Mechanically Inclined" its distinctive appeal. Not just a portrait, this piece is a visual testament to the avant-garde, offering a refreshing perspective on feline portraiture.