• Monochromatic cubist portrait 'Kindred Spirits' by Brian Findleton, depicting two intertwined figures using intersecting materials like metal and fabric.
  • Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits

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18 x 22

Immerse yourself in the complex beauty of "Kindred Spirits", a monochromatic cubist portrait that creatively captures two figures with a blend of intersecting aspects. This intriguing artwork renders the faces of the figures through angular geometric shapes that overlay, producing a multi-faceted and intricate profile. The expressive textures symbolize the pair's inner vitality.

"Kindred Spirits" symbolizes the powerful bond shared between the two individuals and how their essences harmoniously coalesce. The artwork's diverse textures and abstract shapes ingeniously convey the notion of individuality within a joint composition. The stark black and white color scheme purposefully underlines the form, dimension, and materiality of the piece.

Taking inspiration from synthetic cubism, the materials display a fragmentary and collage-like quality, whereas the inclusion of tactile elements imparts a hint of organic warmth, mitigating the metallic edges.

This innovative portrait epitomizes the subtle complexities of human connection through the prism of introspective artistic interpretation. Through the clever use of mixed media, "Kindred Spirits" morphs ordinary scraps into a profound and thought-provoking artwork.