• "Geometric Beast”, A bold cubist artwork of a powerful bull in overlapping gray polygons with splashes of orange and black polka dots.
  • Geometric Beast

Geometric Beast

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18 x 22

Dive into the world of cubism with "Geometric Beast," a bold and dynamic artwork that reinterprets the strength of a bull through the lens of geometric abstraction. Distilled into a composition of overlapping gray polygons, the bull's form stands out, showcasing an intricate play of angles and shapes against the dark backdrop. Splashes of orange and black polka dots augment the geometric complexity of the composition, lending a textured, multidimensional feel to the piece. Despite its abstracted form, the bull's strength and majesty remain palpable, held together by the sheer power of its geometric representation. This complex interplay of elements brings a touch of modernity to the artwork, making it a striking addition to any space that celebrates innovative design and creative interpretation.

As its name suggests, "Geometric Beast" captures the essence of the bull in a manner that is both unique and thought-provoking. If you have an appreciation for cubism and enjoy art that encourages you to see the world from a different perspective, this piece is a must-have.