• Black and white art deco-cubist woodcut print, 'Gazing Outward' by Brian Findleton, portraying a stylized, introspective figure against a black backdrop.
  • Gazing Outward

Gazing Outward

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18 x 22

Journey into the profound depth of "Gazing Outward", an arresting black and white print that embodies the spirit of introspection. This framed art piece unfolds an elongated figure, born from the alliance of art deco and cubist styles, encapsulated in an interplay of polygons. It stands, textured and multidimensional, against a commanding black backdrop.

"Gazing Outward" is more than a work of art, it's an emotion; a silent dialogue between the observer and the figure. Lost in its outward gaze, the figure engages you in its world of thoughts. The piece's monochromatic theme and geometric design provide a chic, graphic feel while revealing the essence of human form through a stylized approach.

Paying homage to Art Deco and cubism, this artwork blooms with textural details and abstract human form. Enclosed in a sharp black frame, the art deco-inspired illustration takes center stage. With "Gazing Outward", you're inviting an intriguing emblem of the human spirit into your space. Let it serve as a constant reminder of introspection's beauty - delve into this mesmerizing world today.