• Minimalist print 'Fragmented Refuge' by Brian Findleton, featuring gray, fragmented furniture shapes floating in an empty, introspective space.  -
  • Fragmented Refuge

Fragmented Refuge

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18 x 22

Step into an enchanting realm of introspection with "Fragmented Refuge", a minimalist print that offers a unique exploration of contemplation. This artwork lures you into an imaginary setting featuring fragmented shapes, resembling spectral furniture illusions.

"Fragmented Refuge" is not just a name, but a portrayal of the artwork's intriguing theme. The phantom table hints at an intimate sanctuary, a place for thought and introspection. Yet, its incomplete state whispers of interruption, bringing a surreal quality, akin to dream sequences, adding an uncanny allure to an otherwise mundane setting.

Immerse yourself in the minimalistic beauty of this print, where fractured furniture pieces float in emptiness, promising a shelter that's but an illusion. But in this haunting scene, there's a silent beauty in the simplicity that persists, encouraging reflections on time's passage and the delicate nature of physical spaces. Experience the surreal allure of "Fragmented Refuge" today and let it be a reminder of art's transformative power.