• Monochromatic poster 'Fragmented Perspective' by Brian Findleton, depicting a fragmented, cubist aerial view of an urban neighborhood.
  • Fragmented Perspective

Fragmented Perspective

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18 x 22

Engage with the thrilling energy of urban exploration through "Fragmented Perspective", a monochromatic poster that encapsulates a neighborhood's aerial view. This artwork, crafted in a cubist style, breaks buildings and streets into a fascinating dance of intersecting planes and multifaceted shapes.

"Fragmented Perspective" mirrors the theme of the artwork - the fragmented architectural scenery and the vertiginous viewpoint create an exhilarating urban landscape, akin to an overhead puzzle. The visual illusions and shifting rhythms create a tantalizing tension, while the overall balance within the traditional frame lends an underlying order.

Drawing from the wells of 20th-century cubism, this artwork experiments with dimensions, forms, and viewpoints, reimagining the modern city in a captivating way. Both whimsical and stimulating, "Fragmented Perspective" showcases the striking visual impact of abstract urban exploration. Delve into the dynamic energy of urban exploration today with this mesmerizing piece.